Thursday, July 27, 2006

San Diego Con 2006

Okay, some of you have noticed I've been a little lax in my postings as of late. Well I've been busy with different projects, and I found out just a week before it started that Adult Swim wanted me to attend the San Diego Comic-Con. Naturally I had to scramble to make room in my schedule, but there was no way I wasn't going if invited. With a conservative estimate of 125,000 attendees it was more than ever a total sensory overload --and virtually impossible to see or do everything the show offers. I missed the Ed Roth movie premiere (though it was reported to me by TCM's John Miller that it was really worth seeing --despite a considerable amount of lackluster Rat-Fink after-effects "animation") and the Lost panel, but I did get some face time with tons of other industry professionals including Robot Chicken's Seth Green, Tom Kinney (Mr. Squarepants) and the great Ray Harryhausen himself.

Of course it wouldn't be Comic-Con without tons of announcements and revelations. Sam L. Jackson and cast were on hand for a preview of the internet-born Snakes on a Plane flick, Batman master Bruce Timm inadvertantly announced that his next project for Warners is (apparently) going to be The Death of Superman, animatic clips from the upcoming Simpsons movie were shown to the public for the first time, Robert "Triumph" Smigel hobnobbed with John Kricfalusi, and Sam Raimi and the entire cast of Spider-Man 3 showed up with a new Venom-fueled extended trailer and lots of fresh insights about the film. Kirsten Dunst let it slip her character Mary Jane Watson will be made off with by Topher Grace's Vemon at some point in the film. (It was even hinted that Bruce Campbell may have an as-yet-unannounced role as the old-school Spidey Villian Mysterio!) 5 new posters featuring the film's main players were unveiled --here's what the Topher/Vemon one looks like at least...

As for Harry Osborne and his chances of becoming a new version of the Green Goblin that doesn't suck...well, read 'em and weep...
According to the Boston Globe:"Raimi also revealed that Harry Osborn (James Franco) would become a third villain, taking on some of the powers of his father, the Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe), who was killed in the first "Spider-Man" film.

And according to the Ain't It Cool website:- Regarding Harry Osborn. Riami said he is NOT Green Goblin II and he is NOT Hobgoblin, but something else. He wouldn't say any more than he is still very upset about his father's death and he does use his father's technology to go after Spider-Man.

Snort! All I have to say is that if after 3 Mega-buck Spider-Man movies this effin' TRUCK winds up bein' the best version of the Green Goblin on film I'm gonna be pissed!

Nuff said, True Believer!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know you have no control over it, but it'd be so awesome to see you at a con in Denver.

3:15 AM

Blogger Robert Pope said...

Emilio Esteves IS The Green Goblin! Uh, yeah....

9:31 PM


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