Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bizzarro Comic Tales #5

Dagwood Wally!
Anybody remember that offbeat noir classic " Get Bumstead"? ...made around 1949? --Y'know... the whole movie's a flashback told by Dagwood's bullet-riddled corpse? Anybody? ...Okay, who knows why Wally Wood would do a study of Blondie's other half being gunned down (presumably in a dark alley) but he did, and it's nutty enough to be the fifth entry in this series. Rendered in the usual inimitable Wood style.


Blogger Craig D said...

Seems to me this was part of Dick Tracy themed satire from Mad Magazine. I knid of remember it as being a Gilbert & Sullivan style operatta, but I might be confusing two different Tracy satires. I recall there's at least one panel where Dagwood is lying in a pool of his own blood spouting dialog. FWIW.

Oh, you have a great blog here, BTW!


8:22 AM

Blogger DonkleDuck said...

Craig is on the right track. I remember the MAD article too - kind of a Mickey Spillane/Comic book musical. The Wood artwork was superb (as always) and I remember specifically the huge, realistic blood splatters that dripped from Dagwood as he sang his final refrain.

6:03 AM


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