Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It's about time...

So, with everything else I don't have time for, I guess now posting and maintaining a Blog has jumped way up on the list.

Pfft. Why should I even bother?

Because it seems that even at this late date --and after so much internet hoo-hah-- there's still a pretty wide brush-stroke of art and weirdness that's going largely (and undeservedly) unadressed.

Until now...and by me, that is...

Me, C. Martin Croker...your stop-gap junk/pop-culture conduit and humble narrator.

So stay tuned in the coming months as I unblinkingly (and mayhaps drunkenly) comment, rate, dissect, scrutinize, glorify and condemn some of the more obscure points of 2oth century entertainment. Ahh..and some stuff from this century too. I guess. maybe.

Well, that's my plan at this point at least.
It may mutate into something completely different as things progress.

So...no promises.

Let's just see what happens...


Blogger Robert Pope said...

Awright, already...put something up that everyone can start fighting about!

5:08 PM

Blogger DanO said...

so nice to see you have finally launched yourself into the blogosphere. its as if the world of fanzines and word of mouth was crumbling around you and Dr Zarkov taxied you out and into this retarded universe of intenet nuttery.
i shall be lurking....

12:31 PM

Blogger Elisson said...

A cartoonblogger - and a fellow Atlantan!

After seeing your piece on "Spiderman Gets Buggered," how could I not blogroll you? Besides - you have the blessing of the great John K.

1:52 PM


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