Saturday, September 09, 2006

Tom and Jerry: Mark Kausler article from 1968

Animation fandom in the 1960's (and half of the 70's) was more underground than underground comics. If you were to find source of information it usually meant an article, not an issue. In this case someone --at an Atlanta comic convention in the 1970's-- was selling off issues they had from a big stack of the digest-sized fan-magazine Film Fan Monthly (edited by Leonard Maltin). I remember eagerly rifling through them, digging for some of the sporatic animation articles which they sometimes ran, and this was one of the ones I came up with. From the November 1968 issue comes this still-lively and informative article written by animation great Mark Kausler. (Wow, 1968? He musta been a teenager!) The Cat and Mouse duo had only been around 29 years when he wrote this summary/appreciation --over 38 years ago! Stuff like that always amazes me.


Blogger Reverend Doctor said...

COOOOOL! I love Tom & Jerry! I think I will go and buy that T&J toy at Toys 'R' Us now (with Hong Kong Phooey!)!!!!

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