Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Motor City Meglomania!

For those interested, I'm getting ready for my first trip to the
Detroit area this coming weekend when I visit MOTOR CITY COMICON
(MAY 19, 20, 21)! I'll be there drawing and signing autographs all 3 days
with my mortal enemy (on tv at least) George "Space Ghost" Lowe. We'll be there with the likes of Adam West, Burt Ward, Tony Dow, Bud Bundy and Seka(?) --and presumably talking ADULT SWIM past and present at some point. Hope to ...eh...see...some of you ...there ...or...something. (Providing ANYONE that reads this that can actually use this information.)

I'll start posting some better stuff next week -- but for now, here's a little tidbit.
As I recall this little gem actually sold on ebay a couple of years ago.
(I love shit like this.) Ah, there's nothing quite like outsider cartooning to liven up the kid's room is there? Bugs shows off his giant two headed swamp-chicken. Super. (And what the hell is going on over there with Elmer and Sylvester anyway?) It went really cheap...I shoulda bought it.


Blogger Robert Pope said...

I've always liked how Sylvester has FOUR fingers, GLOVES, and Foggy somehow looks more like an effeminate eagle than a rooster. Genius. The fact that whoever drew that may have been working to the best of their abilities should be an inspiration and a cautionary tale to us all.

9:51 AM

Blogger Sam Leyja said...

Good lord. I thought that was Porky!

5:15 PM

Blogger bardhol said...

How strange, how strange. This very object was stowed away in a Peanuts ashcan under my desk as I read. I've had it since I was a kid and just picked it up from my parents' house last week. That small print on the bottom actually says "copyright Warner Bros. Inc. 1976". Where was quality control,I wonder?

2:35 PM


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