Monday, January 01, 2007

Fantastic Four 2:The Silver Surfer

Happy New Year! So here we are...2007 already. Before you know it it'll be May and the ads for this flick will presumably be everywhere. But for now, here's the all new, first-official look at the Silver Surfer from this Summer's 20th Century Fox release Fantastic Four 2: The rise of the Silver Surfer. Also presented here (for as long as it lasts) is the all-new trailer/extended sequence for the Mega-B epic, (which at least feels a little more like an old 1960's FF Comic than any scene in the 2005 movie did). There's some obvious things I don't like about it right off the bat, but o' course you know me and Hollywood...
Check it out for yourself NOW!:
Fantastic Four 2 trailer (your comments welcome)


Anonymous Plotkin Vomiterosity said...

The way he phases through his own surfboard and hangs's not necessary. What the fudd-kuh? It's disturbing and it adds nothing to anything. FF2 may well be a million times better than FF1, but even if that is true, FF2 may still suck balls. Dirty sweaty balls. With fungus!

12:46 AM

Anonymous Craig J. Clark said...

I actively avoided the first one because the memories of the mid-'90s Roger Corman-produced travesty were still fresh in my mind. (I've actually had occasion to see that more than once.) I get the feeling I'll be doing the same for this one because I really hate it when main characters are played by unconvincing special effects.

But still. They cast Brian Posehn as a priest. That should count for something.

10:50 AM

Blogger Robert Pope said...

Oh, for pete's sake. Yeah, the phasing and hanging upside-down is unnecessary and certainly never happened in the comics, but let's remember something: WE'RE TALKING ABOUT A SILVER MAN FROM SPACE FLYING AROUND ON A SURFBOARD. A SURFBOARD, people. Everybody take a deep breath and relax. That having been said, I still think this mess could work if Galactus shows up at the end in a "To be concluded in FF3" cliffhanger.

2:08 PM

Anonymous Joe Peery said...

Well, I thought the trailer looked great. Ben looks more like that tree at Six Flags that tourists stuck their gum on, but otherwise it was pretty impressive. I did avoid the first movie because even the trailer made it obvious that it was going to be horrible. At least the Corman version was good for laughs- actually, I laughed quite a bit during that one. Let's hope there aren't too many un-intentional laughs in this one.

Thanks for the post, Clay!

3:43 PM


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