Thursday, February 22, 2007

Flintstones: The First Fourteen!

Yeah, I've been meaning to put this one up since before Thanksgiving. I guess I was just resisting because I wanted to put up a couple of other non-HB related posts that have also been in the works for since last year first. Ahhh, I'll get to those posts soon, I promise... but for now here's the third installment of kick-ass bonus materials from the 1995 Flintstones Laserdisk box set. This time around it's a nifty episode guide to the first fourteen Flintstones episodes (since that's how many came in the box set), in the original production order --and complete with their original airdates. What makes it unique is the dual commentary and funny-as-hell insights by no less than Earl Kress (in column "A") and John K. (in column "B"). But be forewarned --you'll find some of comments offered here are indelibly etched on the side of your brain whenever you watch the episode again. (...that's a good thing.) Some great frame grabs, too. Enjoy!

Special Thanks (and a three fingered salute) for this post go out to H-B, John K, and Earl Kress.


Blogger Robert Pope said...

I'm still amazed this goddamned thing ever saw print; it always struck me as something we all would have sat around writing while we were in the process of getting really, really trashed. I'm more charmed more now than ever at how much Earl Kress plays Boo-Boo to John's toxic Yogi.

10:05 AM

Anonymous Steve Carroll said...

Great read there! Thanks for posting - makes me want to skip work and spend the day watching a big pile of these old episodes!


10:23 AM

Blogger The Aardvark said...

Just discovered your blog. GREAT stuff, and a pic of Paul Frees, too!

Consider yourself bookmarked.

5:40 PM

Anonymous Adam Weiler said...

"George Nicholas is Hanna-Barbera's horniest animator" .. ...? haha... Oh back in the nineties I must've known half the lines for every single episode for memory. Flinstones are awesome.

Anyway, I was looking for a "Fight Club" picture for a banner and google returned with this:
(Funny, eh?)

11:43 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Those notes are really fun. Keep hoping I'll stumble across this set someday. Thanks!

5:31 PM

Blogger paul etcheverry said...

Thanks for posting this. Will link to you on my blog!

3:37 AM


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