Friday, August 17, 2007

H-B Animator Carl Urbano for Honda (1987)

Not many Hanna-Barbera animators were the subject of a Honda commercial campaign... in fact only Carl Urbano was. The longtime Hollywood animation veteran was in the latter part of his long career by this point but he was still going strong! This spot ran on all three networks during the summer of 1987. Nice just to see pencils in a commercial again too.



Blogger DanO said...

Thats filmed at the most popular and picturesque beach location in all of filmdom: Point Dume. The list of movies that have used that spot would run longer than my arm, but if i had to cite one off the top of my head i'd say "The Big Lebowski". Its where the shot Jackie Treehorn's night time bikini party.

3:09 AM

Blogger Craig J. said...

Speaking of pencils, I loved seeing all the stuff you did that was included in the ATHFCMFFTFDVD art gallery. (The picture of Moltar admiring an early version of Linda the Giant Muscle Chick was a nice touch.)

5:41 PM

Blogger Liz T said...

Hi, I know I posted a comment yesterday about my Great Grandpa Carl, but I circulated this video around to the family and everyone kept asking if there was a copy of this video or where I got it. Did you find this on youtube or did you actually have this video and posted it? We're all trying to find a copy of it.

Thank you!


12:40 PM


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