Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Shadows = $$$$!!

Like Halloween, the 1960s was a golden time for comic book ads. The level of ad-shystery had risen to a level beyond the preposterous with the promises of missile-firing Polaris Submarines and live six foot Monsters delivered to your door for a mere dollar. (Okay, the Submarine was 5.98...)
This one really takes the cake though... seems eerily like the basis of an early
Leave It To Beaver episode. (click to enlarge --Haw!)

All you need is a flashlight-- or a candle? Room for hundreds? Damn, sister --sign me up!
How are some of these crazy contortions even possible? If you compare the "Nixon" hands to the artist's conception of Tricky Dick's shadow there's a lot of room for interpretation. How many amputated hands make up that "Dinosaur" anyway? (...And who can't do an effin' bird!)
If this is just the ad -- the book must've been really nutty.

Aheh ...anybody got a copy?


Blogger Robert Pope said...

Maybe you have to be one of those Hannibal Lechter "six finger" types to get that dinosaur to come out right...Hi-larious post.

11:43 AM


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