Monday, August 18, 2008

The Stench of Lies

Oh, for God's sake...


Oh bro-ther. Can you believe CNN actually gave these guys airtime? (let alone 12 minutes!) I followed the story along with everybody else last Friday, amazed at the credibility given these Bigfoot-huntin' goofballs. They basically stuffed an off-the-rack Bigfoot costume in a beer cooler with some dentures and some deer guts (to make it fancy) and got international press for a week. It doesn't even look like they made any significant modifications to the costume before they chucked it in there either! (I'da at least got out the ol' airbrush --sheez!) Only in Ameri... er... Georg... uhm... Clayton County.

(Incidentally, if you want to make your own Bigfoot-in-a-cooler this costume is available through Haunted Ventures. --The dentures and deer guts are extra.) sums up the hoaxsters thusly:

"These Georgia buffoons
do not run bigfoot expeditions and never have. That's just another one of their lies. They are simply two clowns in Georgia who put some bogus videos on YouTube that got some attention.
When they first got some press attention in Georgia, the press attention attracted the notorious Carmine Thomas Biscardi. Among other sleazy ventures, Biscardi has been pushing hoaxed bigfoot evidence for several years now. He seems to pop up wherever the bigfoot subject is getting local press attention -- a sort of Reverend Al Sharpton of the bigfoot world. But unlike Sharpton, who has become a respectable defender of minority rights, Biscardi's ploys have won him the well-deserved reputation among the bigfoot research community as a charlatan, a parasite, a hoaxer, and a scam artist."

So there y'are... Sorry, folks.

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Blogger Robert Pope said...

next thing you know we'll find out that Nessie is just a buncha old inner tubes tied together!

2:49 PM

Blogger ormon grimsby said...

Well I think the first tip off was not letting the cops look at the body to see if someones wife had gone missing, but to let someone from look at it first.
I interviewed Philip Morris last summer about the patterson film, he has a great story about he is the one who sold Patterson one of his costumes for that hoax. Whether you believe him or not, its a great story. We will be airing that footage this upcoming fall.

1:47 PM


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