Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Meet The Flintstones--Animators!

Back 10 or 15 years ago, before anyone had ever heard of a DVD, Laserdisks were at the top of the heap, technologically speaking. Every hard-core video connoisseur I knew had one--even me. It was a great time for the industry. Where else could one see every Tom and Jerry or Tex Avery Cartoon (99%) UNCUT --and in Cinemascope for the very first time--all in one place. Lots of disks were available then that will more than likely NEVER see the light of day on DVD because of changing ownership rights issues, political correctness of the day or the ever-changing demographic --and taste of the consumer. Here's one such case. For The Flintstone's 35th anniversary Cartoon Network in a joint effort with Spumco put out a great 4 disk box set called "THE FLINTSTONES COLLECTION" which featured the first 14 episodes uncut and a TON of extras. (I got excited to see "Flintstones Rarities" listed on the 5th season DVD that came out recently, but when I looked at it today it's just like 2 Welch's commercials) Here we're talking like an entire side of toys and commercials. But the BEST feature came in the form of a 24 page booklet crammed full of great 'Stones factoids by John K. and Earl Kress. Below is one of my favorites --John K.'s guide to recognizing and differentiating between the series' best animators. Enjoy!
(PS - If you can't read the type click on it twice and it should open bigger in a new window)


Blogger surferjoe1 said...

I'm not sure I would agree that Ken Muse's stuff is bland. He was a footage hound, and he worked to a formula (as they all eventually did), but it was a good, funny formula; it harmonized well with the characters, and somehow led to good, funny acting. He made the characters warmer than anyone else, particularly the way he drew the eyes. "The Tycoon" is a big favorite of mine. He wasn't as cartoony as Vinci or Love, but I don't know how you could look at "Hot Lips Hannigan" or the first season opening titles and not be a fan- not to mention Jet Screamer...

5:31 AM

Blogger Robert Pope said...

It's very comforting to know now that the fifth and sixth seasons are filled with "grape juice moments" for a subtle tie-in with the Welch's sponsor. No longer did any of the characters ask for a "tall, cool bottle of cactus coola" or something even stronger (remember, Barney orders TEN bottles of champagne with Fred's secret poker winnings!) The big switch to grape juice really annoyed the hell out of me when I was a kid, and come to think of it, it still does!

10:06 AM

Anonymous grave dave neutron said...

From the article: "In Carlo's hands, Fred's butt is a sensitive, emoting creature."

Say it ain't so Fred!

In all seriousness a good article that helped me pin some long-noticed stylistic idiosyncrasies to certain animators, but how could it fail to mention the contributions of Ed Benedict and Irv Spence?

(P.S. Don't go see The Da Vinci Code, it ain't got nuthin' to do with Carlo or cavemen.)

2:15 PM

Blogger C. Martin Croker said...

Actually I'd be first in line to see a movie called "Da Carlo Vinci Code"

5:16 PM

Blogger Gabriel said...

I wish I could see the clips. I never liked the Flintstones, but the way John K talks about them makes me intrigued.

12:03 PM

Blogger Chris Sobieniak said...

I only wish I had this LD set! Getting it nowadays is highway robbery on eBay!

2:44 AM

Anonymous art said...

but what I want to know - who was responsible for animation of the guest-stars. Those were usually drawn smartly limited to one caricature-aspect, but in that way done pretty well - the Beau Brummels, or Tony Curtis, etc..

12:34 PM


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