Monday, June 26, 2006

Warner Club News-The Cartoon Studio in '45

About a decade ago I was at the local monthly Lakewood flea market when I spotted this little item.
It's an issue of the "Warner Club News", the official inter-departmental west-coast studio newsletter. I think I bought it for 6.50 if memory serves. This particular issue is from April 1945, the final days of WW2. What makes it special is that this time around the cover story is on "The Cartoon Studio", and the cover itself features over 25 photos of the cartoon staff at work cobbled together my longtime Warners story man Mike Maltese! Mike also wrote a funny yet very informative piece inside about how the actual cartoons would come together, and who's responsible for this phase of production and that. It was still the golden age at Tertmite Terrace... Despite the fact that Tex Avery had already been gone over 3 years and Bob Clampett wasn't going to be around much longer.

Here's the cover photos a little bigger so maybe you can tell who's who. A few of these shots I've seen before...But a lot of them I haven't. If you look close you can see lots of legendary animators, including Bob Clampett's entire animation unit--see if you can spot the ones that look like Gremlins from "Russian Rhapsody"--Enjoy!


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