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Mighty Marvel Movie Rumor Roundup

Well, with X-Men 3's record box office take last weekend, and Sienfeld-Supey just warming up next to the dugout, it's a safe bet that we'll be seeing every conceivable "hip" Superhero property you can think of splashed on the Silver Screen in the next few years. Here's some tidbits on just a few of the high profile Marvel Comics Movies comin' atcha in the near (and sorta near) future.


Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, Robo-Goblin...I guess the last big mystery of this flick is who's Harry going to become to avenge his daddy's death. Raimi could really redeem himself by just having Harry become the original Green Goblin in the classic sense (the Alex Ross version would translate to film great!). I was holding out hope for this possible "best-case senario" development, but as of this morning I'm reading that revenge-seeking Harry becomes the Hobgoblin. Urp. Better bring me a bucket... cause I effin' HATE the effin' Hobgoblin!
Beyond that --maybe it was because I was 13 and just starting to think about girls when I first read Spider-man #121 and #122, but regardless I've always had a soft spot for Gwen Stacy.
('Cauz she done died in them issues --Sneaky Stan)
Here's a couple of shots I snagged that shows her hanging out with the Webslinger, looking a bit more like a hefty Gwen Stefani than Stacy...but hell, at least she's got bangs...and she's blonde.

What? No black headband? No miniskirt?
Comics-Gwen sure had a better fashion sense. (Hmmm...looking at the two of 'em here, methinks maybe Gwen should wear flats around lil' ol Spidey --or else he should be the one in 5 inch heels.)


Recently in an interview with USA Today, everyone's favorite Invisible Woman Jessica Alba revealed that not only will she return in 2007's Fantastic Four 2, but that fans can expect the messiah-like character the Silver Surfer to debut as well...

"We start Fantastic Four in August," said Alba.

"The four of us learn that there are other people out there with superpowers, and the 'Silver Surfer' appears as a villain/hero.

"My character, Susan Storm, has another love triangle and may use a power people haven't seen before. She's the most powerful of the four." ( Sez you, Susie-gal.)

I've been hearing the Silver Surfer rumors for awhile...but I guess this confirms it.
No word on casting yet but what I've heard is all over the map --from Billy Zane to
an as yet unnamed black athlete/basketball player. I also read that Cartoon Network has recently ordered 26 episodes of yet ANOTHER F.F. cartoon series that Dr. Doom will figure into prominently. ( I'm sure a lot of folks would just like to finally see a release of the
original Hanna-Barbera 1967 series to DVD --but as far as I know there are no plans for this.)

Lastly --The fact that filming starts on this flick in August, and it's being released within a month or two of Spider-man 3, kinda makes me wonder about the crap-factor level in this apparent "B" picture.


Are you kidding me? Here I thought Ang Lee's "Angry-little-boy" Hulk histrionics drove this boat way up on the rocks. Looks like it's on, though. And According to Marvel Chief, Avi Arad the villian will be the Abomination!

(I wonder if he'll look anything even remotely like this?)

Marvel Studios have announced that "Incredible Hulk" is in active development with writer Zak "X-Men: The Last Stand" Penn on board to draft a more 'primal' screenplay than the first "Hulk" movie.

Budget may be between $50 million and $165 million.

According to Marvel Studios topper Avi Arad, the quality of the screenplay will be considered before putting the film into production.

It is hoped that "Incredible Hulk" will be released in 2008. Marvel Studios chief executive Avi Arad has confirmed 'The 'Abomination' as the main villain for the developing feature "Incredible Hulk".

Debuting in Marvel Comics' "Tales to Astonish #90 (1967), the Abomination was former Yugoslavian spy 'Emil Blonsky', aka 'Agent R-7', who mutated into a 6' 8", 980-pound raging monster. "He's capable of amazing feats," Arad said.

Judging by audience reaction to the first HULK film, let's hope so.

Also, from the "Sneakpeek tv" site:

In other Marvel movie news, writer David "Road To Perdition" Self will write a new "Captain America" screenplay; Edgar "Shaun of the Dead" Wright will direct/co-write "Ant Man" as a 'comedic' film, co-producing with partner Nira Park at Big Talk Prods; writer Andrew "Hollow Man" Marlowe will script a new screenplay for spy adventure "Nick Fury"; and Mark "Poseidon" Protosevich will draft a new screenplay based on Marvel's "Thor" character.

Budgets on the Marvel films will be between $50 and $165 million...At least that's what I hear.

That's all for now Blue Retreiver!


Blogger Robert Pope said...

Soooo...the Abomination is capable of "amazing feats," huh? If he can make me forget those asinine "Hulk Poodles" and the "Frog DNA+Gamma Rays=Hulk" equation, that WILL be amazing!
Also, in a sure sign that I'm getting old, I now accept Jessica Alba as Sue pretty much without resistance. I thought the pic you posted of her was a nice representation of the current "action" interpretation of Sue (mostly due to John Byrne amping up her powers right before he made her go crazy, courtesy of the ol' Psycho Man...)
And finally, a deep sigh of regret as I conclude that even though there will have been THREE different Spider-Man movies by the end of next summer, and at least TWO of them feature a walk-on by one Dr. Curtis Conners, I will never get to see a giant lizard in a white lab coat, purple pants, and black turtleneck on the big screen. Crap.

9:54 AM


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