Friday, May 26, 2006

Way, Way, Way out West

I've always thought the combination of cowboys and sci-fi was a good match. (Just look at The Valley of Gwangi.) Jack Kirby apparently thought so too since stories appeared in some of his and Stan's old west comics that could've almost just as easily seen print in one of the same era monster titles like Tales To Astonish. So just for the hell of it, here's some choice covers only the King coulda thoughta!


Blogger Robert Pope said...

"Iron Mask" always tickled me pink, for the obvious "Dr. Doom" reasons...But really; a searing hot iron mask in the hot desert sun...wouldn't he have just keeled over from heat stroke in about a second?

9:03 AM

Blogger Dr. Strange-Q said...

Waaa...'member when that cop gave me a ticket for peein' in the middle of da road, and he thought my 1st name was WAROOF! I got a ticket in the mail addressed to Mr. Waroof Strandquest.

12:17 PM

Blogger C. Martin Croker said...

...So there really is a Waroof, too!

3:49 PM

Anonymous GraveDave said...

Yo Word up, Marvel just published a comic called Marvel Westerns#1 featuring the Two-Gun Kid this week (6-14). The Kirby story about the Totem Pole which came to life is reprinted in it.

12:17 PM


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