Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It's about time...

So, with everything else I don't have time for, I guess now posting and maintaining a Blog has jumped way up on the list.

Pfft. Why should I even bother?

Because it seems that even at this late date --and after so much internet hoo-hah-- there's still a pretty wide brush-stroke of art and weirdness that's going largely (and undeservedly) unadressed.

Until now...and by me, that is...

Me, C. Martin Croker...your stop-gap junk/pop-culture conduit and humble narrator.

So stay tuned in the coming months as I unblinkingly (and mayhaps drunkenly) comment, rate, dissect, scrutinize, glorify and condemn some of the more obscure points of 2oth century entertainment. Ahh..and some stuff from this century too. I guess. maybe.

Well, that's my plan at this point at least.
It may mutate into something completely different as things progress.

So...no promises.

Let's just see what happens...