Monday, August 18, 2008

The Stench of Lies

Oh, for God's sake...


Oh bro-ther. Can you believe CNN actually gave these guys airtime? (let alone 12 minutes!) I followed the story along with everybody else last Friday, amazed at the credibility given these Bigfoot-huntin' goofballs. They basically stuffed an off-the-rack Bigfoot costume in a beer cooler with some dentures and some deer guts (to make it fancy) and got international press for a week. It doesn't even look like they made any significant modifications to the costume before they chucked it in there either! (I'da at least got out the ol' airbrush --sheez!) Only in Ameri... er... Georg... uhm... Clayton County.

(Incidentally, if you want to make your own Bigfoot-in-a-cooler this costume is available through Haunted Ventures. --The dentures and deer guts are extra.) sums up the hoaxsters thusly:

"These Georgia buffoons
do not run bigfoot expeditions and never have. That's just another one of their lies. They are simply two clowns in Georgia who put some bogus videos on YouTube that got some attention.
When they first got some press attention in Georgia, the press attention attracted the notorious Carmine Thomas Biscardi. Among other sleazy ventures, Biscardi has been pushing hoaxed bigfoot evidence for several years now. He seems to pop up wherever the bigfoot subject is getting local press attention -- a sort of Reverend Al Sharpton of the bigfoot world. But unlike Sharpton, who has become a respectable defender of minority rights, Biscardi's ploys have won him the well-deserved reputation among the bigfoot research community as a charlatan, a parasite, a hoaxer, and a scam artist."

So there y'are... Sorry, folks.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

"Real" Bigfoot found in Georgia

Northern Georgia? Practically the only place I've ever been camping?

Pfft... I mighta known...

It's all over the news today...

From KNTV-TV (the San Francisco NBC affliate)
updated 4:31 a.m. ET, Fri., Aug. 15, 2008

PALO ALTO, Calif. - "Three Bigfoot seekers, including a Redwood City man who released a documentary titled "Bigfoot Lives," claim they may have the body of one and released a photo (at right) and what they claim is DNA evidence at a news conference in Palo Alto on Friday.

Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer, Georgia residents who lead Bigfoot-tracking expeditions, said they found the body of what appears to be a Bigfoot in the woods of northern Georgia. They were to join local Bigfoot researcher Tom Biscardi at the news conference, according to Robert Barrows, who is publicizing the event.

Barrows' name is known in San Mateo County, where he has made multiple bids as a Democratic primary candidate for the District 12 Congressional seat formerly occupied by the late U.S. Rep. Tom Lantos and now by Jackie Speier.

"I think you'll find that this is the real deal," Barrows said of the alleged discovery.

Whitton, a police officer in Clayton County, and Dyer, a former correctional officer, are not saying exactly where the body was found or where it is now, Barrows said.

Biscardi, a veteran Bigfoot tracker who said he went to Georgia to view the find over the weekend, said DNA tests are being conducted and a team of scientists will study the body, but declined to name any scientists involved.

Officials from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Resources Division said the largest wildlife they are aware of in the state are black bears and white-tail deer."

Additionally from NBC11
UPDATED: 10:27 am PDT August 15, 2008

"Two men say they will use a press conference in Palo Alto Friday to prove to the world they have found the body of Bigfoot. Matt Whitton and Rick Dyer claim DNA test results and photographs they plan to present today (noon) will prove a corpse they found in the woods of Georgia is the body of the creature. The remote regions of the Northwest are where people usually have claimed to see the man-ape.

Efforts to reach Whitton and Dyer earlier today on what they call their Bigfoot Tipline were unsuccessful, so it's not clear how Bigfoot could have ended up in the mountains of Georgia.

The men claim to have the corpse of the beast in a freezer in Georgia. But skeptics are saying today's press conference is just another Bigfoot hoax."

And from

"Washington - The world is currently waiting for the big press conference, where two hunters have stated that they will reveal photos, as well as DNA evidence to prove that they have found the dead body of Bigfoot.

The press conference is scheduled to take place on Friday morning in Palo Alto, California, following a series of tests that have been reportedly done on the creature.

Two professional Bigfoot hunters were able to find the dead body of Bigfoot in the forest in Georgia.

Once they found Bigfoot, they placed him in a freezer to keep him “fresh.”

Since then, Bigfoot expert Thomas Biscardi has been brought in, who later confirmed that it is the real thing.

Many though are still not very confident in their discovoery, mainly due to the fact that they have, for the most part, kept everybody away from seeing the actual body in person.

Bigfoot, according to the hunters, is 7 feet, 7 inches tall, and has reddish hair. He also has big teeth, eyes, etc.

We will have to wait for the press conference to find out more, and to see whether this is a hoax, or the real thing."

Ahem... I'll go out on a limb and say...It's probably not.

Okay, a big red flag right off the bat should be that two of the guys are "Bigfoot Hunters". Not too credible a group either if you watch some of the YouTube videos. Ol' Tom Biscardi stammers an awful lot when he talks, and he blinks even more. He's been called in the press the "Al Sharpton of Bigfoot". Not to mention, the only picture released so far of the "evidence" looks like a muddy ape costume in a cooler. (below)

Be really weird if it were true. Cool and sad too. But I'd bet the farm it ain't.

I'm just happy to hear Georgia in the news and it not be about war.

Thanks to MSNBC,, Sara B., Mr. Ray Jr. and Bigfoot.