Friday, June 02, 2006


Seems like a tradition here in America...if you've got a new movie or high profile project in the works, the media will dig up some dirt on you. A new 350 million dollar(!) movie coming out soon makes The Man of Steel no exception. Wizard magazine ran a article recently on "Old School Superman" that showed Supes in the 30's and 40's exhibiting some less-than-heroic, if not questionable behavior. Well then, here's my contribution to the Super-dirtpile. Actually it was a response fan John C. got from longtime Superman artist Curt Swan when he sent him a birthday card in the '90's. Curt's version of the Last Son of Krypton was amongst the most wholesome, so even more funny that Curt would depict him in "Old-school" fashion. Thanks to Curt, John C., and Dave Newton for the image.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boy do I know how Curt Swan must've felt when he drew that!
Incidentally, "John C." is none other than fellow Atlantan John Coates, who is the author of the book "The Art of Nick Cardy" (which got nominated for an Eisner Award a few years back, its a great book). Super-nice guy.

3:04 PM

Blogger Robert Pope said...

Wotta great drawing; Isn't it nice that Superman looks like a MAN in that drawing, and not a 23 year old hedge fund manager? Seriously, can anyone tell me how you can spend over a QUARTER OF A BILLION DOLLARS making and promoting a movie and your Superman looks that off the mark? Supes is supposed to have been away from Earth for a few years; what, did he leave when he was 19? The costume SUCKS, the "S" is WAY too small, the SECOND "S" ON THE OVAL BELT BUCKLE is totally inane and repetitive, I could go on and on. I seriously have almost no interest in this film, and that is so sad.

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